Upscale event performance production for any event, festival or show. With experience working in both small intimate events and large scale festivals, I offer the best in talent and costume production around the world.

For over 15 years my unique creations have been seen at the top festivals, night clubs and performers around the world. Shop my current collection at Fantasy Luxe or my dress up box items in my Etsy Shop

But what is good production and amazing costumes with out beautiful talent to complete the package?! I take pride in finding the best talent around the world. Known not only for their beauty but personality and talent, these women are a strong addition to any event.

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We now live in a world where anything is possible. The desire to be different is stronger than the need to fit in and the yearning to explore the possibilities of life are at the top of our goals. The boundaries that once existed are breaking down and what is left is a universe filled with the ability for your wildest dreams to come true. Costumes are now clothing, dance is now life and we are all producing the movie of our creative existence. No talent, dream, look or idea is to abstract for the world of Katie Kansas. Step inside a creative dream world where the women are beautiful and the fashion is future.
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