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Get the Most Out of Your Lifestyle 


What I Do

Bespoke Entertainment 

25 years of experience curating talent for shows and events around the globe. From night clubs to weddings and everything in between.


Since my successful profile on Myspace to the many current profiles across countless platforms; I have enjoyed creating unique content, copy for the brand or voice and mentoring on how to portray themselves to the public. I can guide you from plan to daily execution.

Reel Queen 

I will create original "reels", short videos, review videos, re-cap videos, etc, etc, etc for any business or occasion. People will like them and sometimes they go viral if the moment is just right :)

Review Your 

I have been traveling the world for work since the early '00. It is because of this lifestyle I created for myself I have had many wonderful experiences and have seen what quality, no matter luxury or local, really means. 

My reviews and re-caps come from a place of experience and an open mind.

Your Life

Sometimes all you need is a thought partner. Someone to bounce ideas off of that has a perspective from experience, an open mind and problem solving skills.

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